📍Option Set Template

You want to start building your own options, but don't know where to start -> Here is where you pick the pre-set template option that fits your product

Scenario 1: You first install our app and want to add options to a product but don't know where to start

Scenario 2: You have used the app for a while and want to refer to the options of the Template for the new product that you sells

Step 1:

Go to Avis Option -> Use a Template. In this case, you can either choose the option beside or under the "Create Option Set"

Then you will be directed to a new page with more than 20 Templates that fit multiple products that you sell.

On the Free plan, there are 5 available templates, and there are 20 templates for Pro Product Option plan and above.

There are information about the plans and option types below the Template title, which you can based on to build your own later.

Step 2:

Select "Use Template" to apply the template to your Option Set, or "Preview" to see how the demo product works.

Step 3:

When clicking on "Use Template", you will be directed to the Option Set main page, you can customize the Option names, attributes that fit your store. Then pick the product for this template to show on a product just like what you did on Option set

Hit "Save" after selecting the products having this template.

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