Getting the HTML element

Here is how you can get the HTML element for option repositioning.

Step 1: On your live Product page, click Right Mouse -> Inspect.

Step 2: Press this key combination Ctrl + Shift + C and point to the element you want to use for the positioning of options. Kindly make sure that you choose the whole element, not just the title of that element.

For example, here I choose the "Quantity" element

Step 3: Here you will see a line of code for that element, copy the class of that element and then fill it in the element box for option position.

For example, the "Quantity" element has this code: <div class="product-form__input product-form__quantity">

This would be the HTLM element we need: product-form__input product-form__quantity

Step 4: After you get the class, add “.” at the top and replace the space characters with “.” to finish, and then hit "Save changes".

For example: product-form__input product-form__quantity -> .product-form__input.product-form__quantity

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