🔎OPTION URL feature

Product Group, Only URL and Allowed open URL allow customer to move between different links seemlessly. These links can be the real product in your store, or any external links that you find helpful.

I. What is Option URL feature

Using Option URL feature will facilitate customers in seamlessly transitioning between different sites. They can choose products that share certain commonalities (e.g., design, print, etc.) but differ in other aspects (e.g., materials, product types, colors, etc.), or putting in different URLs to share more information about the product. These are the examples that you can check:

Template 1: T-shirt with multiple colors

Template 2: Headbands with Collection

Template 3: Jewelry Gift Box

II. How to set it up?

Step 1: Go to Avis Option, click on Create Option Set

Step 2: Add Options, you can pick any Option types in the Single Selection (Dropdown, Color/Image Swatches, Radio Button). Note: The feature "Allowed open URL" will also be available on the Multiple Selections Option types.

Step 3: Fill in the Option values You can fill in the preferable number of values that you want to have, and it's worth noting that Group product and Only URL feature will not work with "Add charge" and "Bundle variant".

Step 4: Assign Products/URLs to the values.

  1. Product Group

After filling in the values, clicking on "Add products" to assign the products to those values successively. Additionally, you can still "Add products" without option values.

The feature allows moving between products inside your store seemlessly and what we have in the Template 1 is a perfect fit for this feature.

  1. Only URL

After filling in the values, putting in the URL that you want to have in the blank boxes besides the option values. This could be any links that you want, no restrictions in forms, origins, etc.

The feature helps directing customer to the broader space where you can share the main ideas of the product with them, and Template 2 is what we have prepared for this feature only. Note: Product Group and Only URL options will not be add to cart

  1. Allowed opened URL

After filling in the values, putting in the URL that you want in the blank boxes besides the option value, which is similar to only URL. You can either choose "Clickable option value" (a hyperlink text), or "Separate URL label" (Divide the value into 2 lines, one is the variant title and the other is a hyperlink text)

This feature share the main function with the Only URL feature, however, it can be added to cart. So it will be the combination between Only URL and the normal option value. And you can check out how it works on the Template 3. Step 5: Choose the Assigned products and hit "Save"

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