🔎Add Charge for an option value

Automatically generate an actual product which is used as an Add charge option to increase the price per product according to customers' selection.

Checkout our Demo product to see how the Add charge works

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to set up Add Charge.

1. In the Avis Option tab -> click on the Create Option Set button

2. Click on the Add Option button to pick an Option Type for the Addcharge. *Note: There are only 7 Option types that has addcharge:

  • Single selection:

    • Radio button

    • Image Swatch

    • Color Swatch

    • Dropdown Menu

  • Multiple selections:

    • Image Swatches

    • Color Swatches

    • Checkboxes

3. In the field Option values, find the option value you want to add an additional charge, click on "Keep price" to open the dropdown menu and select "Add charge".

Then, click on the tag icon (next to the "Add charge" box) and you will see a pop-up where you can fill in the add charge amount.

Here is what you need to fill in (just like when you create a new product in your store)

  • Variant title: This will be the name of the variant for the product above (if you have more than 1 Add charge variant, all of the variants will be under the same product). The variant title should be the same as the option value.

  • Variant price: The Add charge amount

Since this Add charge is an actual product, just the same as the other product in your store, you can find it in the Product section in your Shopify Admin and update further details for it such as image, stock, etc.

In this example, I want to add 25 for the medium size and 30 for the large size. If your store's default currency is USD, it will be 25 USD and 30 USD additional charges.

4. Hit Save to finish the Add Charge option setup.

5. In the Select product section, choose the products you'd like this Option Set to be applied to.

Finally, hit Save on the top right corner of the Option Set to save the changes for the Option Set and you're all done 🤗

-> Here is how the Add Charge variant will show on the Product page.

-> Here is how the Add Charge option will show on the Cart page.

Once customers select an Add Charge option value, the main product and the Add Charge product will be added to the cart together and you will see 2 products in the cart.

-> Here is how the Add Charge option will show on the Checkout page.

Similar to the Cart page, you will see the main product and the Add Charge product here.

Check out the next article for some suggestions on how to organize and manage the Add Charge products created using our app.

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