📲Avis Option on Quick View and Featured Product

Improve conversion rate by putting the Option made by Avis in the Quick View pop-up in Collection/Home Page and the Featured Product in Home Page

Checkout the Demo page to see how the feature works in the store front.

After filling in the Option Set in Avis Option, navigating to Settings tab in Avis option

Toggle on the "Show widget on quickview (Collection page, Home page)" if you want the option to show on Quick View, and "Show widget on home page (featured product section only)" if you want it to appear on Featured product.

In Order to have the Quick View pop-up, the product should have the pre-saved options in Shopify and the Quick View feature turning on in the live theme.

Hit "Save" after turning on the feature

Then check on the main Online Store to see if the options are working there or not? 😄

Need help? Let us know via in-app live chat or email: help@avisplus.io 🤩

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