🔧Avis Option Settings

In this section of our app, you will be able to customize the special feature in our app, such as add charge or edit option in cart. The default text line of the features can also be changed here.

1. Edit add charge notification

Open our app, go to Avis Option, click on Settings.

Edit it your way, but place the code {add_price} at the position where you want to show the extra charge -> Save changes.

Ex: I want this notification: "This will add $xx."

Tadaa! Here it goes. Let our support agents know via in-app live chat or email: help@avisplus.io. if you need help on this.

If you don't want the add charge notification, you can go to Avis Option -> Settings -> Toggle off in "Show add charge notification"

2. Update add charge amount to product price

Go to the Settings section in Avis Option, toggling on the "Update add charge amount to product price"

3. Edit Option in Cart

Go to Settings section in Avis Option, toggling on the "Show "Edit Options" button"

You can see how the feature works in this collection of our demo store: https://avis-demo.myshopify.com/collections/avis-option

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