❓Options do not show

Check the possible reasons why options are not showing

#1: The app is not activated in your theme

If this is your first time using our app or you've just changed to a new theme, you need to activate the app in your theme first.

The app is activated if you see this screen in Theme Settings:

#2: The Options Set has not been applied to an appropriate product

An Option Set is a group of options that applies to specific products. After you create an Option Set, please choose a product of a group of products to apply it on.

If you choose "Automated" and set conditions for the Option Set to show on a group of products, please make sure that the condition is set up correctly. Feel free to contact our support team at any time to check on it for you.

You can find the Tag/ Vendor/ Type in the Product section of your Shopify Admin page.

#3: The Options Set has been disabled

#4: App/ Theme conflict

Our code might be overwritten by other apps in your theme. No worries! Let our team help via in-app live chat or email: help@avisplus.io

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