📍Avis Option Template

You can create Option Template and use it for multiple Option Sets simultaneously.

1. In the Avis Option tab -> View Option Template button

2. Click on Create Option Template to start building your option.

3. Fill in the Option information

These are the terms you will see and what they mean:

  • Option name

The Option name is the name of the option showing in our app and it will not display on the storefront product page. This data only shows while setting up options and can help you keep them organized.

  • Label on Product:

The Label on Product is the title for your option. It is the text appearing above the option field on the storefront product page.

  • Label on Cart:

The Label on Cart is the text appearing on the Cart summary screen, Checkout, and Order detail page, next to what customers have inputted or selected for the option. This value needs to be unique for each and every one of your options.

  • Option Type:

The Option Type includes 19 types that you can choose according to your needs:

- Single input: Single line text, Multi-line text, Number, DateTime, Color Picker, File Upload, Switch

- Single selection: Color Swatch, image Swatch, Radio Buttons, Drop-Down Menu.

- Multiple selections: Checkboxes, Color Swatch, Image Swatch.

- Static Data: Paragraph, Heading, Divider, Pop-up, Size Chart.

4. Click the Save button to save your option template.

Need help? Let us know via in-app live chat or email: help@avisplus.io 🤩

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