📍Customize Shopify Option

Customize the visual display of Shopify options on your store front.

This feature will help you customize the visual display of your Shopify options without changing how they work or their original setup.

1. Sync Shopify Option

This step will help our app update all the Shopify options you have in your store.

After the sync, you will see the list of Shopify options below.

2. Choose Display style

Here you can choose the Display style you want for a Shopify option on the Product page and the Collection page.

Pick the Display Style of the Shopify Variants

For the "Button" and "Dropdown" styles, the style will automatically update on your storefront after you save.

For the Swatch type style (Color/Image Swatch, Swatch with price, Swatch Dropdown and Swatch in Button), you can choose if that Shopify option uses its original "Variant image" (already set up in the Product section) or if you want to upload new custom colors/ images in the "Customize" button.

*Note: Only for the "Swatch" style -> "Color/ custom image" can you use the "Customize" button to upload the colors and custom images you want for the variants.

3. Save Display Style

After choosing the styles you want for your Shopify options on the Product page and Collection page, please click the Save button on the top right corner to save all the changes.

3.1. After clicking the Save button, if you choose the "Color or image swatch" -> "Color/ custom image" style, you can now start uploading the colors or images you want for your Shopify option by clicking the icon under the Customize column.

3.2. The priority order for swatch will be as follows:

  1. Image URL

  2. Upload file

  3. Color

3.3. After uploading the color/ image you want, click the Update button and that's it.

4. Check the result

In the Shopify options list, next to the Option name, you will see the number of products that this Option is connected to. (for example: "affects only 1 product")

Click on that text and you will see the list of products. Continue and click on the Eye icon (to see Product in Online store) or the Tag icon (to see Product in Shopify Admin) to check for the result of your customization.

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